Pangaea Solutions Inc. specializes in building custom or bolt-on accelerators for SAP software. We also create standalone software solutions for clients in the life sciences sector and in other areas. Our five-step approach to solution deployment (preparation, blueprinting, realization, deployment, and support) keeps the client involved and informed at each stage.

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When the word “quark” comes up in everyday conversation, it often elicits a kind of self- conscious chuckle. Who really knows what a quark is, after all, but a particle physicist? As a word, it more or less symbolizes the unknowably complex.

In fact, I challenge you to think of a time when it wasn’t being used to explain a highly complicated concept - except perhaps as a way to make fun of someone for being a nerd (I speak from experience as the nerd in question). The deeper you dig into the nature of quarks, the more unfamiliar things get: hadrons, baryons, leptons, mesons, and more sci-fi sounding but very real words - try Googling them if you don’t believe me.

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Prior to implementation we conduct a thorough analysis as part of the preparation stage. During this phase, we sample and analyze data, and conduct on-site workshops.


As part of the blueprinting stage, we gather requirements, formulate a business process design, and configure files to ensure that the solution meets system requirements.


During the realization phase, we perform custom development and configuration. We ensure that the solution is tailored to the client's needs.


We offer timely deployment, estimated at six to eight weeks, dependent on the product and the level of user involvement.


After deployment, we continue to provide training, sustainment, and technical support as needed.

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