I was recently introduced to Sam Yen’s work when I saw him speak about the innovative design approaches that SAP has embraced for both the company and for their customers. Following my time starting our own SAP-centric consulting business, I am continually amazed by how a company the size of SAP not only talks the talk but truly walks the walk. Sam’s blog below is a great read for any leader that is serious about business innovation.

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In the midst of our ever shifting corporate landscapes, our teams often develop a one-track mind focused solely on the objective of return on investment. While there is certainly nothing wrong with this desire to make back the money we’ve poured into our projects, each day-to-day challenge can obscure us from devoting the time and energy necessary to help our team members and give back to our community at large.

As business owners, we are challenged everyday to provide the best possible experience for our employees, one in which they feel comfortable pushing their limits and providing the best value possible to their customers. In doing so, we often struggle to balance our immediate concerns for productivity and focus, with our long-term wishes for our employees’ happiness and success.

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