Enabling our Clients to reach their full SAP potential

Pangaea is part of a consortium consisting of Pangaea Solutions Inc. (Vancouver, Canada), founded in 2011, iSSi (Vancouver, Canada), founded in 2000, and Endeavor Consulting Group (Wayne PA, USA), founded in 2006. Pangaea, while also a separate company, is the development, marketing, and sales arm for products offered by the consortium. iSSi and Endeavor are service-oriented and specialize in providing a range of SAP services to clients in Canada, Australia and the United States. There is a degree of shared ownership among the three entities, which provide mutual support, collaboration on projects and software initiatives, and shared resources.

Pangaea, iSSi, and Endeavor regularly interface and collaborate with the management and staff of a number of SAP consultancies, on both a formal (business initiatives) and informal (project or sustainment resourcing) basis. With expert support from our partners, we enable our clients to reach their full SAP potential by providing services and products that accelerate and enhance standard SAP functionality. We also build standalone web applications and database systems for healthcare and other industries.


Our success is rooted in who we are, what we do best, and the difference we make – passionate people delivering world class solutions to enrich our clients.


Our mission is to develop and deploy sophisticated, leading edge accelerators and solutions rooted in the SAP platform.


Endeavor Consulting Group specializes in project management, technology and integration consulting services. Endeavor focuses on the life sciences sector (e.g. biotechnical, pharmaceutical, healthcare) while expanding into other markets. The company provides a wide range of IT and business consulting services to major clients on five continents. Clients include AstraZeneca, Bristol Myers Squibb, Johnson & Johnson, McNeil, Modular Mining Systems, and Pfizer.

Integration Solution Services Inc. is a boutique consultancy, specializing in SAP system architecture and integration between SAP and enterprise applications. It has completed projects in many countries around the world including Canada, USA, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Peru, Chile, Brazil, South Africa, Australia, Indonesia, Russia, Holland, UK, Italy, France, and Switzerland.