One of the most useful books I have read this year has been "Ten Types of Innovation,” by Larry Keeley. It points out that while the process of launching new products can be considered an innovative activity, your product and its performance metrics are merely one aspect of innovation. It’s necessary to not only inspect the entire product lifecycle, but to shift your focus to some of the more unassuming silos of your business (customer engagement, or brand for example) while measuring your success.

3 Powerful Structures to Organize Tech Team Members Article

As your business grows and becomes more structurally complex, it’s important to assess the individual strengths of your team members with respect to their focus on high value tasks, effective time management, and the overall vision of the organization. 

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In enterprise applications, it’s important to establish a structure for assessing the different privileges to grant to your team. Managers should have a different level of access to your applications than employees, and vice-versa. You certainly wouldn’t want your newly hired employees having the ability to view your core finances. These functional separations of activity are all possible in a specialized Hana Cloud Platform architecture, combining the object privileges of the HANA database with the application view of security of the Fiori Launchpad.

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