At Pangaea Solutions, our team is always looking for ways to enhance and streamline your experience with SAP platforms. If you’ve landed on this article, chances are your company is developing in SAP HANA and you’re interested in best practices and ways to optimize your development process. In this post, we will be covering how you can leverage the Manifest.json file often found in newly developed SAPUI5 applications. 

6 Things You Might Not Know About SAP's Build Software

SAP provides an integrated solution for all your prototyping needs in its latest “Build” software release. This program pairs the intelligent UI from UI5 with various “Floorplans” (Page Layouts), to allow you to create the skeleton frame of an application, represent mock data, and practice screen flow. Additionally, SAP provides a long list of ready-made SAP FIORI applications to draw inspiration from, when building your custom solution. At the end of the prototyping phase, it is even possible to export these designs into your HANA Cloud Platform to be used as a base UI. In your early trials, the Build application can present some setbacks, so the Pangaea team has come up with some tips, tricks, and workarounds for you to get your prototypes up and running with no hassle!

Fiori Launchpad Overview

Seamlessly Integrate your SAP Transactions with the Plant Maintenance Cockpit

Efficient and effective Plant Maintenance can be a challenge for organizations of all sizes. In Plant Maintenance, there are multiple positions, with dependencies between the actions taken by individual members, as well as coordinated work between teams. In a plant, you may have plant and maintenance engineers in the same work area as data analysts, project managers, supervisors and more. This can lead to confusion, as multiple professions are trying to accomplish their tasks simultaneously.

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