The SiMPL MBR solution combines best practices and tools to address the complexities with SAP ERPs Electronic Batch Record (EBR) tool.

SiMPL MBR utilizes the latest SAP framework to allow for flexible and complex maintenance of both PI Sheets and XSteps. With a user-friendly recipe authoring tool that decouples business maintenance  from IT changes, SiMPL MBR provides a robust framework for an embedded MES layer within SAP S/4 and ECC.



The SiMPL solution combines best practices and tools to address the ongoing challenges with SAP ERPs Electronic Batch Record (EBR) tool.

The deployment of EBRs is an important investment for a company. In a standard business case, the deployment of EBRs should reduce risk by eliminating errors, drive compliance and process enforcement, and streamline business processes.

PI Sheets are used to inform the process operator about the individual production steps that need to be performed. He or she can interactively maintain the SAP PI sheet according to process control visualized through the phase sequence. Apart from control information, the PI sheet can track process parameters, deviations, and digital signatures. SiMPL-EBR enables SAP embedded MES  by allowing execution in any browser by leveraging standard XStep and SAP integration.

Business Benefits

Straightforward recipe authoring using drag and drop functionality.

Pre-built standard business functions.

Access to library elements for business process execution.

Easier management of master recipe phases/operations and routings

Eliminates the need for interfaces and s95 integration between level 3 and level 4 systems

User-friendly parameter and text maintenance outside of the repository.

Recipe Authoring

Weigh and Dispense

Equipment Logbooks



SiMPL BDC facilitates the batch release process by providing visibility of batch release information to QA at the time of release from a single application.

This application will only display batch release information and will not be used to change or create any objects within SAP except for the batch record review process that requires signature verification.

  • Batch Details are visualized in a Genealogy Tree with drill down capabilities to navigate easily to relevant details.
  • The Batch tree also shows batch status (traffic lights) and restrictions.
  • Localization drives traffic light rules.
  • Groupings can be localized for monitoring purposes and be displayed on the landing page.
  • Integration with different systems are possible to enable review and confirmations as required.
  • Accommodates standard Workflow and work delegation.
  • Provides jump functionality to Fiori transactions and external systems.

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