At Pangaea Solutions, our experienced team specializes in developing and deploying sophisticated, leading-edge custom and bolt-on accelerators and solutions to enhance the SAP platform.



Digital Thread for Life Sciences

The Digital Thread for Life Sciences (DTLS) is a product information framework that integrates people, data, processes and business systems to drive efficiency and continuity through the drug development lifecycle.
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Simplified Manufacturing Process Layer

SiMPL is a flexible, robust and configurable embedded Manufacturing Execution System (MES) solution in SAP ERP (S4 & ECC) that serves as an embedded Electronic Batch Record (EBR). It combines best practices and tools to address the ongoing challenges with SAP’s EBR tool.
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Bank File Transformation


Bank File Transformation

An SAP HANA application with the unique ability to read bank files of various formats and convert them to the industry standard “BAI2” format. The resulting files contain more granular information than the SAP default and can be archived for later access.
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Electronic Colposcopy Charting and Imaging System


Electronic Colposcopy Charting and Imaging System

A standalone enterprise-level reference system designed to support the clinical practice of colposcopy. It is designed to meet the operational and charting requirements of a single clinic or multiple clinics on a centralized database, and is thus suited to both local and regional programs.
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Electronic Bank Statement Automation


Electronic Bank Statement

Improves on the out-of-the-box functionality of Electronic Bank Statement, a function within SAP’s financial module for managing bank and cheque reconciliation. Your company will discover the benefits of a near real-time bank reconciliation, leading to faster processing and improved response times.
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