Introducing iMES: A SAP Accelerator for Manufacturing Execution Systems

At Pangaea Solutions, our work with many manufacturing companies over the years has allowed us to see firsthand the challenges they faced integrating ERP and MES systems. We often observed a lack of synchronization between systems in both the data and workflows. That’s why alongside our partner company, Endeavor Consulting Group, we developed “iMES” – a customizable integration tool used specifically between SAP and Manufacturing Execution Systems.

Developed over time by using field experience gathered at multiple client sites, this solution embeds our best practices and enhances the speed of implementation, reduces total cost of ownership, and drives a strong sustainment model for your manufacturing business.

The core use case for our product is within your SAP system landscape as a bolt-on application component with embedded middleware, though it may be used with any middleware solution. iMES combines many of the same design principles that standard SAP software uses for configuration and maintenance, allowing easy onboarding of the tool for organizations already familiar with the globally leading ERP system. Additionally, iMES is up to date and tested with all the recent SAP version upgrades, including up to SAP S/4 HANA (1709).

For more information, please take a look at Endeavor’s solution brief here: which details how iMES standardizes and greatly accelerates the integration work between SAP and Werum Pas-X.

Thomas RautenbachArchitect
Thomas Rautenbach has over 20 years of diverse systems experience with a strong focus on system and integration architecture and software design and development. He has detailed technical, functional and system knowledge across the SAP technology platform, including extensive experience with the Finance, Supply Chain, Sales and Distribution, and Human Resources modules.

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