How Virtual and Augmented Reality are Changing the Manufacturing Industry

Imagine you are the plant manager…

Project Management in an Agile Environment

With the growing complexity and speed of change in today’s business environment, there is no one right approach towards project management.  

Our Top 3 Articles of 2018

To kick off 2019, we’d like to take a look back at the highlights of the past year.

Three Reasons SAP Acquired Qualtrics International

On November 11, 2018, just days before a planned IPO, SAP announced its acquisition of Qualtrics International, the cloud analytics and customer experience company.

Three Ways Digital Transformation is Changing the Workplace

The article brings digital transformation (referred to as “DX”) to the forefront of office culture by first defining it, then bringing to light its purpose and advantages that it can have when implemented in the workplace.

Who’s Afraid of the Quark: Simplifying Complexity

When the word “quark” comes up in everyday conversation, it often elicits a kind of self- conscious chuckle.

Introducing iMES: A SAP Accelerator for Manufacturing Execution Systems

At Pangaea Solutions, our work with many manufacturing companies over the years has allowed us to see firsthand the challenges they faced integrating ERP and MES systems.

How You Can Apply the 5 Second Rule to Drive Productivity and Execution in Your Business

Acting on an idea, and fighting our feelings that push us toward inaction or compromise, can be one of the most difficult challenges in our lives.

A Cult of Creation

If you ask a roomful of first graders who among them is creative, they will all raise their hands and a gleam will come into their eyes. But if you ask executives in a conference room the same question, a lot of them will start gazing at their shoes.

3 Fresh Philanthropy Initiatives for your Business

In the midst of our ever shifting corporate landscapes, our teams often develop a one-track mind focused solely on the objective of return on investment.

Bring Gamification into Your Business and Create a Powerful Community of Sorcerers

As business owners, we are challenged everyday to provide the best possible experience for our employees..

ECCIS, the Next Generation of Medical Examination Technology, Benefits both Patients and Clinicians

Your organization is growing, and your processes are starting to get cumbersome…

5 Simple Guidelines for Configuring SAP Identity Provider of HANA Cloud

Your organization is growing, and your processes are starting to get cumbersome…

Trudging through Manual Data Entry in a Manufacturing Environment

This is where the team at Pangaea Solutions comes in – we enhance and simplify the connection to your MES system with our SAP Accelerator: 

Pangaea: What’s Behind the Name

At the center of it all is our name, Pangaea. How did this name come to be and how do we live up to its meaning every day?

How to Leverage the 10 Types of Innovation to Build a Powerful New Product

One of the most useful books I have read has been “Ten Types of Innovation,” by Larry Keeley.

3 Powerful Structures to Organize Technology Team Members

As your business grows and becomes more structurally complex, it’s important to assess the individual strengths of your team members.

3 Ways to Enhance Your Experience in SAP HANA

In enterprise applications, it’s important to establish a structure for assessing the different privileges to grant to your team.

3 Ways You Can Use the Manifest.json File in SAP HANA

At Pangaea Solutions, our team is always looking for ways to enhance and streamline your experience with SAP platforms.

6 Things You Might Not Know About SAP’s Build Software

 SAP provides an integrated solution for all your prototyping needs in its latest “Build” software release.

Seamlessly Integrate your SAP Transactions with the Plant Maintenance Cockpit

Efficient and effective Plant Maintenance can be a challenge for organizations of all sizes.

Everything You Need to Know About Configuring the Fiori Launchpad

Portal Service, Hana Cloud Connector, Fiori Launchpad, and HANA Database – SAP provides a plethora of services.